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The infinite facets of God’s glory…

Every day there is something new to see in the garden. God’s glory is limitless and it’s almost like the garden is a prism, and depending on the way the light is shining on a particular day, you can see something new – a new color, a new perspective, a new form of life, etc. – each time you walk through it. It is endlessly beautiful.

– Tracey



Happy Wednesday All!

I can’t get over the beautiful colors of the garden right now! Here are some photos for you to enjoy the breathtaking vibrance of God’s Glory.


Peace in the Garden

Shabbat Shalom, Y’all.

(Song is ‘Horizon Rainfall’ by Future of Forestry)

– Tracey

Sunrise in the garden…

This morning I did time lapses from a couple of different areas in the garden and made a little video out of it. You can even see the flowers opening up and stretching toward the sky as the sun comes up!

Be blessed,

Soaking in the garden…

Happy Monday!

With the new cameras allowing for me to record different parts of the garden for extended periods of time, I wanted to create a little “soaking” video for you all. I will be making more of these featuring different parts of the Garden as well – the tribes featured in this video are Judah, Simeon, Gad, Manasseh and Benjamin. Settle in with a cup of coffee, your bible and/or your favorite worship music and enter into God’s presence with this 10 minute video. For those of you who have never been here or don’t often get to visit us, it is a way to experience the garden in the same way that we experience it here in person. I declare that His glory will fall on you and His presence will fill your homes as you worship! I speak new revelation and an anointing to see and hear in a new way, and declare that you will hear from Him if you will take the time to get quiet and just “be” in His presence. Enjoy!


New Vision!

Hello all!

We recently acquired a few “GoPro” cameras, which are frequently used in many different activities, such as extreme sports, documentaries, road trips, etc. They are small cameras built to be able to take a beating. We wanted to try them out in the garden yesterday in a few different spots, and the following video is just a little snippet of the footage we got. Please enjoy, and declare that God is bringing forth new vision, and new ways to see His glory!


Beautiful Day…

It’s another beautiful day here in the garden – here are a few photos that will hopefully brighten your day!